Sunday, December 24, 2006

catching up!!!

Christmas Eve is upon us, and yesterday we received one foot of snow as a wonderful present from above. The kids have had so much fun going outside and rolling and crawling around in the snow. We even have some nice hills for them to sled down around our house so they can spend a lot of time there with their friends. Chad has spent much of this last week catching up since he was gone for two weeks with his dad in Ohio. Today he has been plowing all the snow! His favorite job. I have been keeping our walk way and patio shoveled and since we have all this new snow the girls and I are going to make a big snow cave to sleep in. This is the only time of year I feel safe sleeping outside in our back yard, so I might as well have fun while we freeze at night :). On Thursday, camps' snow camp will begin. The kids come from Anchorage and surrounding areas as well as from the peninsula to have fun playing in the snow, going to chapels, and spending time with friends. We have two camps; one for the young kids and a camp for the older ones. We wish everyone a merry Christmas and hope that you can cherish the times that you spend with your loved ones.