Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flowers and Plants I grew and some I didn't :)

We took a little walk together to the barn and it turned out to be the most beautiful evening. We had lots of rain all day long and then around dinner time the sun came out. So we decided to take advantage of it and go for a walk. The girls love the horses so much they both have told me that for their birthdays they want a horse. I keep explaining that horses cost a little too much for us right now but maybe someday when they are older, :) (which is what my mother told me when I was that age.....and she did get them, after I left the house :) ). Our cat bear decided that he would come along with us all the way to the barn and all the way home again as well!

a walk to the barn

Monday, August 25, 2008

These are pictures from the house that we stayed at while we were in Palmer and the views were amazing. Silly me I didn't get an actual picture of the house, but we stayed at a facility called ACT ministries with Craig and Crystal and another family that were there for the wedding as well. The kids had a great time playing together and it was nice for the adults to have some relaxation and fellowship.

Aaron and Jenna were married at 3pm on August 23, 2008. It was a beautiful cerimony and we were glad to be able to attend. This young couple will be joining our short term staff on camp when they return from their honeymoon, and we look forward to having them. Chad and I enjoyed seeing old friends, this time around Chad was the photographer because I had to stay in the back with Heidi, who did not feel the need to sit still or be quiet. The funny thing was that there were about 10 of us in the back by the end of the wedding trying to keep our little ones under wraps!!

After the we went back to where we were staying and enjoyed a peaceful night with just our family, as the other families left after the wedding to go home, and after we had the kids in bed Chad and I watched the Olympics and spent some alone time together. At about 9:45pm we here a banging noise and I went to the window and there down in the valley was the fireworks display being put on by the fair! We could see everything but the smallest ground fireworks. It was fun to watch and I enjoyed the whole show, which lasted for about 30 minutes or so. On Sunday we cleaned up the house and then drove home so Chad could be rested for work the next day. We had a great time and were thankful that we could take a break from our everyday routine. We even saw a beluga whale on the way home, but of course there was no where to pull off and take any pictures, and it doesn't work taking pictures at 70 miles an hour so again I have yet to get a picture of the whales :).

Our Day of Fun

On Friday, the girls and I drove to Palmer, AK for a wedding that was to be on Saturday. We left Soldotna at about 11 am because while we were up there we planned on going to the Alaska State Fair. I thought that since we took so many bathroom stops along our drive that I would take some pictures of the drive from Soldotna to Anchorage. The first pictures are of Swan Lake where you turn from the Sterling Hwy. to the Seward Hwy. to head to Anchorage. In the fall there are usually several swans that visit until the weather is too cold!

These next two pictures are taken at bird point, on the turnagain arm about 30 miles away from Anchorage, looking across the ocean to the mountains on the Kenai Peninsula.

When we arrived in Palmer, we met up with Chad, who had come a day earlier for the bachelor party, and we headed to the fair! We also took our friends James and Jim, who were up for the wedding, and they turned out to be great for keeping our children entertained. Emma and Madison rode on their shoulders for a good deal of the time that we were there which made it easy to keep an eye on them while we walked around amongst all the people that were there. We went through the animal exhibits and went on a couple of carnival rides, and I did it with them!! I must say I have not been on a carnival ride in over 10 years! While we were doing the rides James was busy playing a catch the rubber ducky game and won this beautiful little penguin! Isn't it cute :) The kids...and the bigger kids all had fun and were ready to go back for another day of fun, but as you know it gets a little expensive!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So here are all the rooms that I painted in a two week time period. Just thought you would like to see how it turned out. The walls used to be painted an off white color that any dirt that dared touch it showed up on it and was very difficult to clean as I went with darker colors.

This is our living room and we did this in bamboo.

This is the color of the bathroom is rustic red

Our kitchen/dining room we painted Manhattan Red

In the laundry room we painted it first a bright yellow which was I went back to the drawing board and finally picked out this light avacado green.
I had a great time painting and seeing everything done. I had help with the living room, but I did the rest myself!! Chad thinks that the bathroom is too dark now but I rather like the color in there. I am really happy with how the red looks...and because there was not really a lot of wall space to be painted in that color it did not make it too overwhelming. If I had done that in the living room or something it would have been too overdone!! The bamboo color turned out great too and it makes the room warm and cozy!
My next project is the master bedroom and bathroom, but I am still having a difficult time picking out my color scheme for in there. I had thought a deep brown and something else like light green or blue but not sure yet.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My kids have been begging me for days to go swimming, and finally it was a nice enough afternoon to go so we invited our next door neighbors, Katie, Jordan, Zechari, Alison, and Dani along with their mom Crystal to go with us! They all played for about an hour and it was nice to sit and enjoy the sun. Dani (17 months) and Heidi (16 months) were a little afraid of the water and needed a lot of coaxing to get in and play, but after 30 minutes they sat down and played in the mud! Hopefully we have a few more days of nice warm sun so the kids can do this again.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My precious little girls.....who are not so little anymore.

We all went to Homer, AK for a little bit of relaxation and some fun at the beach! Emma and Madison had a great time running into the waves, and Heidi kept running away!

Today I woke as my children did at 7am and I gave them all baths and then we put our pj's away, made our beds, and got ready for the day. As I went downstairs there was an aroma of cooking bacon and eggs, which was quite surprising since Chad had left at 6:20am to go drive the vans for hockey camp until 6:15pm tonight, and there is nobody else here that would have been cooking! There he was though, on a 30 minute break fixing us all breakfast! It was such a blessing to me becuase during pregnancy the thought of having to fix food becomes a very hard task to accomplish. Most often I don't feel like eating anything, and so trying to come up with something to fix for that day is a chore. What a wonderful treat it was to have him home cooking for us.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Cleaning House!

I have decided that it was time to get the painting done in the downstairs of our house. I had help painting the living room but I did the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. I love how paint can really change a room, especially when they started out off white and showed all the dirt! All of that entailed moving furniture and appliances etc. and cleaning underneath all of it....yuck! I even cleaned my carpet and it is almost white again!!!! Now we are rearranging the girls, so they are all sleeping in one bedroom together, and the other room that Emma and Madison were in will be the play room. Our fourth bedroom will be used for guests and the new baby. So far Heidi has adjusted really well to having two other people sleep with her in her bedroom, which I am glad for. Our next transition will be for her to move into a regular bed and the baby will get the crib. Should be very interesting!!!!