Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ladies Retreat 2012 Famous Women through the ages!

This weekend was our annual Ladies Retreat that the camp staff wives pull together to put on.  We had a great theme of  famous women through the ages and then had everyone dress up if the wanted to for our banquet dinner on Saturday evening.  There were some great costumes!!!  So I was part of a trio "the Andrews Sisters" which was a lot of fun....however we had quite a few dissapointed people when we did not do a song and dance routine!!!  We also had Cleopatra, Naomi and Ruth, Betsy Ross, Catherine Hepburn,  a representation of the young and older Queen Elizabeth (pictured below), 2 Amillia Earharts, Amy Carmical, and a few others that I do not remember the names of...but a great representation all the same, and we all had a lot of fun!!!

Young and older version of Queen Elizabeth
I also took Emma and Madison down to Homer for their swim meet on Saturday, and they did very well....even taking a few seconds off of some of their race times!!  I have  a few videos that I might try and post later!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Northern Lights

So here are a few of the pictures that I have taken of the northern lights.  I hope you enjoy them!

Friday, March 09, 2012

So for the last few nights I have been burning the midnight oil in hopes of seeing the northern lights and all their splendor, and also to capture them with my camera.  I am excited because the last few nights have been the most amazing displays I have ever seen, but dissapointed because the lens I need to capture them on film is in New York getting fixed!!!  While I was able to get some, they do not compare to the ones that others have gotten just because the zoom is in too close to really see the full splendor.  So anyway, I will put up some of the photos that I have taken in the last few days very soon.  Hopefully tonight will be the last night for aurora watching for a while, because my body can not take going to bed at 2-3am and getting up at 8 or even 9!!!! Haha