Friday, January 19, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow!!!

We had another 6 inches of snow fall on last night and it is expected to snow some more!! Today the staff has 5 tube hills that last 2 hours apiece. Chad is plowing the roads because there is a rental group arriving tomorrow and James is on call to plow for a company in town so he is gone doing that, so that makes today is a very busy day for the other three staff members!
We had two moose in our back yard this morning and the mama moose tried to stomp the neighbors dog, luckily the dog was able to get out of the way.
Yesterday, some of my friends and I got together for a tea party. With just four of us we had eleven kids all together, with two more on the way in just a few months!!! We had an enjoyable time together and it is always fun to sit and have tea. We used to have a tea parlor in town that we all met at, but it went out of business so we are left doing at home. It is always nice to have interactions with other young mothers like myself and to trade stories about our experiences.
Chad and I have been rearranging the bedrooms again so that we are ready for the new baby. I have been able to really get rid of the extra clutter that we have by having to go through everything so many times!! The moving has been good for me to get that kind of thing done.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sleeping in the snow....kind of :)

On Thursday the 28th of December, the girls and I attempted to sleep outside in our makeshift snow house. Everything went smoothly for the girls, but a 6 month pregnant mother was having a hard time finding the right spot to fall asleep in. So the poor girls had to wake up after only three hours of sleeping outside to come inside with their mother for some better sleep! They were both very disappointed and told me that they had been very good and were very warm! Alas it is hard to explain to a 4 year old that mommy is not comfy and cannot make it through the night having to get up every 45 min. to use the bathroom! We are thinking of trying it again another night after we, Chad and I, have made some modifications to the old snow house. For now the girls will have to suffer sleeping in their nice soft warm beds!