Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Science of Food

I know the title of this post sounded scientific, with lots of facts....but it is really about what we made. :)  I made some gelato. Caramel Sea Salt Gelato to be exact.  I made the Caramel from scratch and then added it to the rest of my creation.  Gelato is Italian ice cream, while it is very similar to ice cream, it has a lower butterfat content, but a slightly higher suger content.  I will say that it is simply amazing and my family thought so as well! 
The other day we bought a science kit to make gum.  We had lots of fun and made a really big mess.  I did the messy part, and then the kids streched and kneaded the gum for 15 minutes so the gums elasticity stayed in place as you chewed it.  The longer you do that the better the gum was.  I found that it was good gum. but the flavors didn't last at all.  So I think we will leave the gum making up to the professionals :).

Gelato! Yum!

streaching the gum out

Madison's "juicy watermelon" gum

Sunday, May 01, 2011


We have had our puppy for just under a month now, and she is pretty much potty trained, and listens sort of.  She is a very smart dog, and loves to cuddle, which when she is all grown could be quite interesting, and we all love her to death.  It has had it's ups and downs, like having 2 two year olds in the house at the same time!!!  I am still not quite sure which listens better yet! :)  The cats are still getting used to her, and she would dearly love to play with them, but they are not to that point yet.  To them she is really anoying, constantly staring, and barking, and intruding upon their space, but they have not left in disgust yet, nor have they resorted to getting even with me by marking on everything upstairs, so we are doing ok!