Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apple Cider Making

On Sunday the 24th of October, we went with Jenn and Drew to her aunt and uncles house for lunch and then to make apple cider.  The kids had so much fun running around and helping with the process of making apple cider.  Heidi made a new friend and were inseperable for 4 hours!  It was a fun good day.

practicing being a ham :)

apple tree

Emma and Madison chopping apples to be shredded and then pressed

Drew and Jaci

grinding the apples

Jenn and Jaci

Mason thinking that was his.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pictures of our Horsetail Falls and Multanomah Falls Trip


Farmers Market in Two Towns

On Saturday the 23rd, Jenn and I went to the Portland Farmers Market, and then to a few oulet malls before heading to the Salem Farmers Market.  I have always enjoyed going and seeing all the produce and crafts that are available, and this was no exception.  The Portland Farmers market had the most wonderful looking produce and I especially loved tasting the fresh cheese, and seeing all the fresh mushrooms!!  While I sadly did not get any pictures of the farmers market.....I did take some driving around Portland.  I love the buildings and the trees were such wonderful shades of fall!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Horsetail Falls and Multnomah Falls 10/21/10

I have been trying to post this for 3 days now and the photo uploader on bloger is putting most of my pictures sideways in an upright photo so it looks really bad.  So here are just a few that I took horizontally of the falls and I guess you will just have to check facebook for the others because if I wait any longer for blogger to get fixed I will get really far behind in my posts!!  Scratch that...blogger just told me I am out of space for I am taking care of it and should be able to post more pictures soon!! 
This is the second half of our drive to Dallas to visit with Jen and Drew.  We took Hwy. 30 for a few miles instead of I-84 and the old bridges and views of the falls were spectacular.  I have always loved visiting Multnomah Falls and I was excited to show my kids this time.  We had a nice hike to the bridge overlooking the smaller portion of the falls, although Chad stayed down.  He was a little afraid of the height and Mason playing around the bridge was too much for him, so he and Mason waited for us as we hiked it. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Along the Columbia River Day 5

On Thursday we drove along the Columbia River from Hermiston to Dallas, OR.  We stopped and had a picnic lunch and then drove over the river into Washington, drove for 20 or so miles and then crossed the bridge at Hood River, back over to Oregon.  We also went to a couple of spots to see the falls, but I am leaving that for another post!

Had dinner the night before with two of my classmates, Jessie and Jamie.  Had so much fun catching up!!

                           Drove down to Umatilla to see the Columbia river....The sunset was amazing!

                                    This is the church that I went to for a few years in Sanfield OR
                                           The beautiful Columbia River and it's surroundings

                                                A boat pushing two barges up the river

                                                    Mount Hood in the background

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Echo, The Town I Once Lived

On Wednesday we woke up early and had a wonderful breakfast with a friend, and then we went to Walmart to pick up some food for the following day before heading to Echo to show the family where I had gone to school and lived for 5 years.  The following pictures are of the school, the two homes that I lived in, and the Umatilla river that I swam in! :)

we were the Echo Cougers!

This is the high school

On the other side of the fence was my back yard

looking from my yard down the road

This skate park is where our road used to be!

The kids standing in front of the pioneer museum just down the block from the house I lived in.  The Henrietta Fort is located there, where the Oregon Trail stoppped before heading over the Umatilla river.

The same place I played as a kid before going down to the river to swim.  When I lived here it used to have lots of blackberry bushes.  Those seem to be gone, but the piles of dirt and rocks are still there!

A peek at the Umatilla River

Henrietta Fort

The second house I lived in out in the country from 6th to 8th grade.
I loved it because of the old barn, and all the fruit trees around!

This place was owned by a kid that was a year younger than I was.  My family was friends with their family, so when I saw this on facebook, I knew I had to go and try it out.  Very good food, and a wonderful atmosphere.  I highly recomend if you are ever in Hermiston!!!