Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Camp

Christmas day was a very special time for us this year. We did not go anywhere and we spent it together as a family, just the 6 of us all day. The kids were so good and so patient ( I had been up until 3 am finishing a quilt for a friend of ours and the necklaces that I made the girls.) So I slept like a rock until 9am, and for some reason Chad did too! The girls then waited until I made breakfast (crepes) and then at around 10:30 we opened our presents!!!! The girls got lots of books and craft items. They did most of them that day :), and I think their favorite was the paint by numbers. Both Emma and Madison did really well on them! Heidi got another dolly with clothes and she spent lots of time playing with her. She also got her very own disney princess tea set which was an instant hit. She took it up stairs and played with it for at least and hour if not longer!!!! Chad got tools, socks and thermals, and amo which he found had gone down in price by 2/3's of what it had been! He was a happy boy this Christmas :) I got a new coffee mug to replace a few that the kids have broken, and a trainer for my bike so I can ride it inside her at home! I also got several picture frames that and an emersion blender!!! Made whipped cream in about 7 seconds = a very happy me!!!! Now on to bigger and better stuff SOUP here I come :). The most important thing was celebrating Jesus' birth. We really wanted to stress to our children that all the gifts and things were not as important as the gift of HIS birth and what that ment to us and everyone in the world. He has truely blessed us with a rich and full life, and for that we are thankful.
On Saturday we embarked on the grueling task of switching the girls bedroom with the play room, since they are hardly ever in the play room it made more sense to put the thre of them in the room that is twice as big as the bedroom the were in! We got everything switched and cleaned and sorted and lots thrown away and all vaccumed in 12 hours. We had some very tired little girls who did not even want to think about cleaning for a whole day. So since they worked so hard I gave them sunday with no chores except to clear the table and sweep the floor after meals the next day. That made them really happy, and now I am happy because the upstairs looks so much better!! (the downstairs is getting there!)

Tuesday started off with Teen Snow Camp where we had about 60 kids attend and today at 3pm starts the little kids snow camp and both Emma and Madison are going this year. I can not even begin to tell you how excited they are except that they have been asking for the last 24 hours if it was time to start packing their bags yet! They will have lots of fun tubing and playing with friends and learning more about God during chapels. Heidi will miss them terribly I am afraid....she does not like being apart from her sisters even for an hour, and absolutely hates sleeping in the room by herself so we will have to be creative tonight!!!
Madison's and Emma's necklaces
Heidi's necklace making christmas cookies and decorating them
crepes for breakfast!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sheep Wrangling at it's Best

A friend sent me this in an email today and I thought that it was so cool that I would put it on my blog!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winters Many Splendors

So for the last week and a half we have had lots of fog and mist in the air that has frozen to the trees. It has been so beautiful to see, and when the sun comes up in the morning or goes down at night we usually get the pink hues that have even taken Chad's breath away! All we can say is WOW. I took these pictures around camp and in our yard, but sometimes the picture just does not do it justice.
We had snow fall yesterday and today so now everything is more fluffy! Looking forward to getting out with the girls and cross country skiing!