Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Mad Dash to the State of Ohio!

We made the trip with just a few stops for gas and coffee, but drove hard so we could get to Chad's sisters' house at a semi decent hour!  The pictures are pretty self explanatory, as it is all scenery and old buildings! LOL  We were all happy to be done with driving for a while and settled in for the 6 and a half weeks that we were there.  More to come on our last month + 2 weeks of activities.  Stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Drive of the Outer Banks, NC Dec. 19, 2010

Friday morning we woke early and cleaned and packed like mad, so we could get on the road and catch a couple of ferries!  We drove to Cedar Island where our first ferry departed from, and waited for 45 min. to board the boat.  Then we took a 2 hour ride to the Island of Ocracoke, stopped for some snacks and raced to the end to catch the other ferry.  We were 2 minutes late and it had left so we had an extra hour to go back and explore a little.  We went out on the beach and we stopped and saw the spanish ponies that were brought over to the Outer Banks 300 years ago, and to this day the blood line is still pure!  The kids enjoyed looking at them, but they were too far away to touch.  We took the 2nd ferry for 30 min. to the main section of the Outer Banks, and then drove and drove.  Every now and then I could convince Chad to stop so I could get out and see the beach.  This is the dissappointing part of the you drive along this sliver of land, you think you should be able to see the beach, but no, they have a very tall bluff built up so you can't see anything :(.  So my goal is to go back when it is warmer and spend many days frolicking along the beaches of the Outer Banks!!!  Anyone want to join me :)!!  We did get to drive through the Kitty Hawk exhibits that were outside.  We only had 15 min. before they closed, so we could not go in and read about everything, but seeing the hill and some of the planes that they would have flown was cool enough for the kids, and we can at least say that we were there!  Then it was on to the mainland again and to head to Chesapeak Bay/Norfolk, VA for dinner and to sleep for the night.

another ferry traveling the other direction, but what ours looked like

looking at the town of Ocracoke

Blackbeard was a very popular person in this area

the spanish ponies

looking at the outskirts of Hattera's

driving back to the mainland from the Outer Banks

mommy cuddle time

  • lounging after a long days drive :)