Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Sun

In the winter we do not get to see many hours of sun light but when we do it is often very breathtaking. These were all taken on the turnagain arm about 15 miles from Anchorage.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tubing and other Randoms

We got some snow yesterday morning and so all the staff kids went tubing on the tube hill to pack it down, and get it ready for other tubing groups. Heidi had a blast and was up and down the hill as much as everyone else. Even Mason took a turn, with help, down the hill! The sad news is that after that it rained pretty hard for 7+ hours and so now we are back to hoping for more snow.

Heidi was supper tired!

my christmas lights outside!

Our christmas tree put outside!

Mason in his super hero pjs! He loves his banana :)

The spread for New Years Eve party. Lots of Thai food, yummy!

the kids all sat down to watch UP!
Danny fell asleep sitting up in the middle of playing with the pass the pigs game! Poor thing. He made it past 12am though!