Monday, March 29, 2010

An Adventure of Sorts

On Saturday Chad and I got the kids packed into the saburban and we headed out of town, south to Homer. Emma has wanted to watch a swim meet and the coaches have recomended that she does to get a feel for what they are like. We were there only and hour, but she was able to watch and cheer for 4 of her teammates and that was fun for her. I must say they look a little chaotic a first glance with all the swimmers around the pool waiting, but there is organization and it looks like so much fun! Emma can not enter the next meet because it is by times and we have not even tested her times to see if she is close, but there will be more for her to do before we leave for on furlough this fall. After we left the meet we stopped for some lunch and then headed down to the beach to watch the birds, the waves, the scuba diver, and the paraglider! It was nice to get away from home for a little while, although Mason is still not a fan of his car seat :(. Emma helped keep him entertained so he did not screech too much! I have pictures but will have to try and post them later as they are not loading correctly now. Hope you are having a great day!


I love to hear my kids laugh and this morning, up until I started writing this post :), the kids have all been laughing and playing so well. They watched a tigger and pooh movie and wrestled on the floor, Heidi and Mason throwing things at each other, and just being about the cutest kids ever. In a few moments though I will tell them to turn the t.v. off and to get out their school books and then there will not be so much laughter!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ordinary Inspirations for the everyday Wife, Mommy, & Homemaker

Ordinary Inspirations for the everyday Wife, Mommy, & Homemaker is having a giveaway for jewlery handmade by Lisa Leonard! if you have not seen her work you should go to her website, which is If you click on ordinary inspirations then you can sign up to be in the free giveaway for a $40 gift card!!!


We have now been sick for almost two weeks now and it seems that this cold will not let go. The kids have had it the longest and just when I thought that they were getting over it the sickness came on strong again and infected Chad and myself! So on the days where it was 40+ degrees out and my kids are begging me to let them play outside I tried to resist but you can only keep them penned in for so long! Today is another one of those days, and while they have a slight cough I think I will break and let them run around their winter coats and snowpants, hats, and gloves! :) Well maybe not that much.
So despite my best efforts to get things done around the house and catch up a little my plans were thwarted by all this sickness. I did get one thing done everyday though, and that was my workouts so at least that is a positive!! I got the wii fit plus for my birthday and I absolutely love it! The kids do to and they each have a profile with all their fit information gathered just like me.
So here is hoping to be better tomorrow so we can get back on track and into our routine again!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


For Madison's birthday last week we first ate out at her favorite restraunt "Arby's" on Monday because we had swimming and Awana's on Wednesday. In the afternoon on the 10th we had lunch and then opened her presents while daddy was home. She recieved some littlest pet shop toys and chap stick and money! On Saturday we celebrated with our friends and I made her cake. She went sledding and then we had all 15 kids and their parents over for lunch, gifts, and cake! She had quite a lot of fun and I think the other kids did too.