Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We have now been sick for almost two weeks now and it seems that this cold will not let go. The kids have had it the longest and just when I thought that they were getting over it the sickness came on strong again and infected Chad and myself! So on the days where it was 40+ degrees out and my kids are begging me to let them play outside I tried to resist but you can only keep them penned in for so long! Today is another one of those days, and while they have a slight cough I think I will break and let them run around their winter coats and snowpants, hats, and gloves! :) Well maybe not that much.
So despite my best efforts to get things done around the house and catch up a little my plans were thwarted by all this sickness. I did get one thing done everyday though, and that was my workouts so at least that is a positive!! I got the wii fit plus for my birthday and I absolutely love it! The kids do to and they each have a profile with all their fit information gathered just like me.
So here is hoping to be better tomorrow so we can get back on track and into our routine again!

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