Monday, May 31, 2010

A Trip to Seward

It has been about 4 years since I have made my way over to Seward, so today Chad and I loaded the kids up and headed over there for a delicious fish lunch and some frolicking on the beach!  Mason was kinda being a pill and did not enjoy the ride in the car whatsoever, but we did have fun! 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer News

Today starts our summer as we are welcoming all the voluteers that come this weekend to help us clean up camp and get it ready for all the summer kids! Tomorrow is the big CLEAN day where around 200 people help us in every area of camp from planting flowers to picking up trash, building projects etc. Then on Sunday and Monday it is a time of relaxation for these families to spend time with each other and friends. It has always been a great weekend and we really appreciate all the work that goes into it, because without this help our summer program would be lacking!!

This summer is a busy one for all of us. Both Emma and Madison have a couple of races they are competing in, one a triathlon, and Emma will also be doing another swim meat in July. Along with that their is swimming lessons for Heidi and Madison, swim team for Emma, and triathlon training for myself! We also are hiking with friends many days during the week, Aunt Hollie and Uncle Sean are coming for a couple weeks, vacation bible school, beach days, camping, and the list goes on. We are fitting all of that into the next 11 weeks before the girls and I head down the Alcan to be at my parents house for 5 weeks before Chad follows us and we begin our 6 months of fulough. We are in the begining stages of planning where we are going to be when, but will be narrowing things down now pretty quickly so we can let you know when we will be there to see you! :)

Just and update on Chad and I, we have now been working out consistently for the last 3 months and chad has now lost 35lbs, and I have lost 12lbs. Chad is still working with his trainer once a week for a few more weeks, which has been really good for him and Chad really enjoys it. I am now doing my triathlon training, and have done one triathlon already this summer. I am signed up for one more as a team, where I will swim 1/2 a mile, and I am doing a few 5k races with the kids this summer as well. My plan is to bring my bike with me on our furlough and try and sign up for one more (if not more) triathlon while I am traveling! Chad gets his last 11 stitches out of his eye on June 7th, so be praying for him because it takes about 2 weeks for it to stop hurting (to the point where he is not verbaly complaing about it hurting, who knows how much it is after that!), but then he is done. The eye has been healing best case scenareo according to the doctors so Chad has been encouraged by that.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clam Gulch Adventure trip #1

Today 4 moms and 15 children under the age of 8 headed to Clam Gulch to experience a wonderful sunny day!  We had a wonderful time of playing in the mud, sand, still water, and ocean water.  We watched the tide come in had lunch and visited.  We are hoping to take many of these trips with our kids this summer, and this was our start of those.  I hope we can do one once a week, but we shall see! :)  Now I am sitting inside my home listening to the thunder, hail, and rain!  Glad we went in the morning so we could enjoy the sun. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Nature Sale and Nature to Behold!

The kids had a nature sale, and used fake paper money to pay for it with.  They all had lots of fun, and it was pretty cute to listen to them play!
The sunset last night was extremely beautiful....and my camera kind of messed with the colors that I saw but it still turned out beautiful!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Swim Meet

Emma had a really good swim meet on Saturday.  She swam in three events and in her heat she took 2nd all three times.  It gets easier and easier as time goes by so the next swim meet should be more exciting for her.  I had videos to post but for some reason I cannot post them so I will try and put them on facebook instead!  The meet itself was long.  The kids were told to be there by 8:30am, they started warming up around 9am and the meet did not start until 10:30, which was 30 minutes late.  After all 64 events with multiple heats in each event, we finished the meet at 4pm.  After that we sat around and waited for the awards, but since they had not even started them by 4:45pm I said it was time to go home!  My poor bum said it was time to go home.  Bleachers are not for sitting on that long!!!!

Emma, just before going into the swim meet.
Emma, warming up!
Here she is waiting for her last race. By then she had had enough of the swim cap :)