Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Swim Meet

Emma had a really good swim meet on Saturday.  She swam in three events and in her heat she took 2nd all three times.  It gets easier and easier as time goes by so the next swim meet should be more exciting for her.  I had videos to post but for some reason I cannot post them so I will try and put them on facebook instead!  The meet itself was long.  The kids were told to be there by 8:30am, they started warming up around 9am and the meet did not start until 10:30, which was 30 minutes late.  After all 64 events with multiple heats in each event, we finished the meet at 4pm.  After that we sat around and waited for the awards, but since they had not even started them by 4:45pm I said it was time to go home!  My poor bum said it was time to go home.  Bleachers are not for sitting on that long!!!!

Emma, just before going into the swim meet.
Emma, warming up!
Here she is waiting for her last race. By then she had had enough of the swim cap :)

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