Monday, May 25, 2009

One Time of Many at the Beach

The Swing Set

This is our new swing set. Chad and I and our neighbors had decided last summer that the swing sets that the kids played on were becoming more and more unsafe. Since our neighbors have 6 kids and we have 4 we also decided that we wanted something big enough that all the kids could play on at the same time and not have to break up fights over swings! Anyway, this year we were able to purchase the wood so that our little vision could become reality, however, because Chad had his eye surgery this spring he was not able to do any of the building so our wonderful neighbor said that he would build it. He has done an amazing job so far (we are not quite finished) and the kids spend most of their day playing in the sand box or swinging on the swings. We are still going to add two slides and a pole for them to slide down, along with a roof and possibly a loft in the fort area! We are all looking forward to seeing the completed product and the kids really are so thankful for the new things to play on!

Warmth and Sun!

Since the end of April we have had sunny 60+ weather and the snow melted fast, so the kids have been able to play outside....and even get tans! Not just the dirt tans that wash off in the shower, the real deal. Here are a few pictures of our kids and the neighbor kids all playing together and soaking up this glorious sun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Busy

The days are getting brighter and longer and we are spending lots of time outside! I have been working on my garden and planters and my yard and playing with the kids as well. We have made a few trips to the beach, and last night the girls came with me to work out with my triathlon group on the beach. They both had a lot of fun seeing and doing what mommy does! My first tri is on Sunday the 17th of May so it is approaching fast. I have lots of pictures to post so I will try and get them on here in the next day or two. We are so happy to have the 60-70 degree weather that it is hard to do stuff inside, which is a good thing most of the time! :) We just hope that it sticks around and does not turn into another summer like last year.