Thursday, October 21, 2010

Echo, The Town I Once Lived

On Wednesday we woke up early and had a wonderful breakfast with a friend, and then we went to Walmart to pick up some food for the following day before heading to Echo to show the family where I had gone to school and lived for 5 years.  The following pictures are of the school, the two homes that I lived in, and the Umatilla river that I swam in! :)

we were the Echo Cougers!

This is the high school

On the other side of the fence was my back yard

looking from my yard down the road

This skate park is where our road used to be!

The kids standing in front of the pioneer museum just down the block from the house I lived in.  The Henrietta Fort is located there, where the Oregon Trail stoppped before heading over the Umatilla river.

The same place I played as a kid before going down to the river to swim.  When I lived here it used to have lots of blackberry bushes.  Those seem to be gone, but the piles of dirt and rocks are still there!

A peek at the Umatilla River

Henrietta Fort

The second house I lived in out in the country from 6th to 8th grade.
I loved it because of the old barn, and all the fruit trees around!

This place was owned by a kid that was a year younger than I was.  My family was friends with their family, so when I saw this on facebook, I knew I had to go and try it out.  Very good food, and a wonderful atmosphere.  I highly recomend if you are ever in Hermiston!!!

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