Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Day of Fun

On Friday, the girls and I drove to Palmer, AK for a wedding that was to be on Saturday. We left Soldotna at about 11 am because while we were up there we planned on going to the Alaska State Fair. I thought that since we took so many bathroom stops along our drive that I would take some pictures of the drive from Soldotna to Anchorage. The first pictures are of Swan Lake where you turn from the Sterling Hwy. to the Seward Hwy. to head to Anchorage. In the fall there are usually several swans that visit until the weather is too cold!

These next two pictures are taken at bird point, on the turnagain arm about 30 miles away from Anchorage, looking across the ocean to the mountains on the Kenai Peninsula.

When we arrived in Palmer, we met up with Chad, who had come a day earlier for the bachelor party, and we headed to the fair! We also took our friends James and Jim, who were up for the wedding, and they turned out to be great for keeping our children entertained. Emma and Madison rode on their shoulders for a good deal of the time that we were there which made it easy to keep an eye on them while we walked around amongst all the people that were there. We went through the animal exhibits and went on a couple of carnival rides, and I did it with them!! I must say I have not been on a carnival ride in over 10 years! While we were doing the rides James was busy playing a catch the rubber ducky game and won this beautiful little penguin! Isn't it cute :) The kids...and the bigger kids all had fun and were ready to go back for another day of fun, but as you know it gets a little expensive!!

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