Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So here are all the rooms that I painted in a two week time period. Just thought you would like to see how it turned out. The walls used to be painted an off white color that any dirt that dared touch it showed up on it and was very difficult to clean as I went with darker colors.

This is our living room and we did this in bamboo.

This is the color of the bathroom is rustic red

Our kitchen/dining room we painted Manhattan Red

In the laundry room we painted it first a bright yellow which was I went back to the drawing board and finally picked out this light avacado green.
I had a great time painting and seeing everything done. I had help with the living room, but I did the rest myself!! Chad thinks that the bathroom is too dark now but I rather like the color in there. I am really happy with how the red looks...and because there was not really a lot of wall space to be painted in that color it did not make it too overwhelming. If I had done that in the living room or something it would have been too overdone!! The bamboo color turned out great too and it makes the room warm and cozy!
My next project is the master bedroom and bathroom, but I am still having a difficult time picking out my color scheme for in there. I had thought a deep brown and something else like light green or blue but not sure yet.

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