Monday, August 04, 2008

Cleaning House!

I have decided that it was time to get the painting done in the downstairs of our house. I had help painting the living room but I did the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. I love how paint can really change a room, especially when they started out off white and showed all the dirt! All of that entailed moving furniture and appliances etc. and cleaning underneath all of it....yuck! I even cleaned my carpet and it is almost white again!!!! Now we are rearranging the girls, so they are all sleeping in one bedroom together, and the other room that Emma and Madison were in will be the play room. Our fourth bedroom will be used for guests and the new baby. So far Heidi has adjusted really well to having two other people sleep with her in her bedroom, which I am glad for. Our next transition will be for her to move into a regular bed and the baby will get the crib. Should be very interesting!!!!

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Anonymous said...

any pictures of the new paint? I'm curious to see:)