Tuesday, May 22, 2007

beginning again

Well this time that I hope to begin writing in this on a regular weekly basis if not more. We are gearing up for the summer with this coming weekend beginning it all. We will have more than 200 people come to help us clean up the camp and get things ready for all of the campers that are to come. The weather is not supposed to be very nice with lots of rain in the forecast for the week, but we are hopeful that it will change! The girls are spending almost every waking moment outside playing with our next door neighbors. They have 5 children and we have our three so it makes for a lot of fun playing. Heidi is growing and eating and sleeping so we are doing well. She will be 8 weeks old in a few days and I am amazed at how fast time passes. I enjoy cuddling with her and seeing her smile at us. She is a very smiley baby with lots of personality. My garden is halfway planted. Right now I am waiting for Chad to finish my greenhouse and then I can plant the rest of my plants. I am really excited to have one, because it will help our garden grow so much better. We have just not been having extremely warm summers so this year I am hoping to get a lot of veggies to can for the winter!

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