Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools!!

It is the start of spring and so far all I have seen in states that normally have spring at this time is snow, sleet, wind, and rain. In Alaska however it is warm and sunny!!! IT is always like this when we go on vacation. In March we were privilaged to see the marriage of Chad's sister Hollie and our new brother-in-law Sean Ford. We then promplty came down with the flu and did nothing for the next 4 days. We were able to see the sights and some friends before we made the long journey back to Montana and into more rain and snow!! Tomorrow is Heidi's first birthday and so we will get a small cupcake for her to destroy and maybe eat! Chad heads back to the reality of work on Friday the 4th of April and the girls and I will travel back the 15th of April. We have been so thankful to see old friends and even meet new ones.

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