Friday, June 13, 2008


Emma and Madison just finished swimming lessons today and it was amazing how quickly they picked up swimming. Emma started out not being able to even kick very well and ended with the ability to swim for an extended period of time all by herself!! Madison was very good as well and can almost swim by herself. With a few more times in the pool I think that they both will be great swimmers!! Today as an end of lessons treat, they all got to jump off the diving board and Emma and Madison were of the few that just got up there and jumped!! They both had so much fun and learned a lot, and I really enjoyed seeing them swim.

My garden is looking great so far this summer. It has been relatively cold so far so I am hoping that as summer continues that the weather is a little warmer for good produce #'s. I think that I am getting the hang of greenhouse growing but only time will tell. I have been ventilating better and I didn't plant any peppers in there so hopefully the aphids will stay away!

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