Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rasberry Picking!

Today we picked rasberries that we found at the top of the hill on camp. The girls did an excellent job picking and saving most of the berries...they only ate a few! Since the berries were so ripe and very mushy we made them into a nice sauce for icecream or pancakes or whatever instead of freezing them. These I must say are the sweetest and biggest rasberries I have ever seen or tasted! Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph!
I'm so proud of you for all these entries you've been posting!! Yeah! I love hearing how life is going for you all up there. I miss being there SO Much! I'll have to send you our blog... although I'm not as good as you are on posting stuff:) Take care, and tell the girls (and Chad) hi from Oregon!

Hollie said...

I must second this, Jen and Steph.

Steph, you are doing a wonderful job posting. I enjoy not only finding out what is going on in AK but also I like viewing all of the pictures! Please keep up the good work!

The Dancing Pen said...

The raspberries look delicious, time for us to get out and find some.