Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Busy Weekend

I must say that this weekend tops them all for being busy. It was not really the amount of activity that we had to do but just the sheer number of people coming and going. On Saturday I had made cinnamon rolls for our family and the neighbor family, and then I took both pans to their house to be baked since our stove is not working and we are still waiting for our new one to arrive. Then Chad had to go back to camp and work another meal. When he got home at 2pm I left for town to pick up movies for the evening excitement and to attend a triathlon meeting to start organizing a Soldotna tri. since there are none in this area. When I got home at 4 we waited until about 6 and then the four oldest next door neighbor kids came over for a sleep over because their parents had flown to a little village called Port Graham to get to know the people and to start a connection there for ministry. All seven kids were very good about getting to sleep fairly quickly which was nice. However at 5am something or someone had woke everyone and they felt that it was time to get up. I jumped out of bed at the sound of laughing and some movement and told them that there was no way that they were getting up at this hour of the day. They tried to go to sleep on their own but 6 kids, 7 and under trying not to talk is quite impossible, so I stayed in the room for 20 minutes waiting for them to go back to sleep. Thankfully they did and stayed there for another 2 hours. Heidi and Zechari actually slept in until 9am despite all the noise from the other 5 girls! We kept the kids until 1:30 and then their grandma came to pick them up for the rest of the day until their parents were to return home later in the evening. By this time we have already gained 4 more people for watching the Sunday Football and slowly more and more came!!! I had told a friend that I would watch her 3 kids at 6pm while her and her husband went on a date earlier in the week so at 6 they showed up, and by this time we have found out the Craig and Crystal (next door neighbors) were stuck in Port Graham due to the weather for another night and we are going to have their 2 oldest girls come and spend the night again! They arrive at 7:30, so we have the 6-7 people still watching the final game of Sunday football, our 3 kids plus my friends 3, plus Katie and Jordan! At this point during my pregnancy I tend to get grumpy with too many people around and I need that time in my house alone to just unwind and regroup but up to this point it has been solid people for two days so my patience is getting low to say the least. We had a good nights sleep with only one kid getting up at 5 am (luckily they went right back to sleep without incident!). I was feeling much better this morning and we all got up and took baths. I gave each girl their own bath got them in clean clothes and braided their hair, and then off to town we went for coffee and hot chocolate! The girls were all very well behaved and enjoyed their cup of hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and sprinkles very much. Then we went to Fred Meyers to get everything we needed for Monday night football, and for a friend who was leaving the next day for the navy. We then got home and at 1:30, Craig and Crystal came and took the girls home! Our family spent the next 2 hours straightening up our house and getting ready for the 25+ people to come for the farewell party and football that started at 4:30. At 4:15 we headed to the camps kitchen to make the 10 pizzas for the evening, which with very hot convection ovens only took us 25 minutes start to finish!!!! Monday night football and baseball turned out to be very exciting to watch and the farewell party went well too. I must say though, that I am not in the mood to see very many people or watch anymore kids (besides my own) for quite some time!!! They were all very well behaved and has nothing to do with them....I just become a little grumpy and need my personal space a lot more when I am this far along in the pregnancy. Thank goodness it is almost over and I can return to normal in a month or so!
This is the cake that the 5 girls picked out for Jim's farewell party, and was very yummy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Steph! You're a trooper! I'm envious of the snow... I know you guys would love to share:) I like the family picture of you guys! It is very cute. Keep posting, cuz I keep reading!!