Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Garden

This summer, as far as gardens go, has been very dissappointing because of the weather and learning all the little things to know about greenhouse gardening. I got about 6 tomatoes off of 30 plants because the hummidity caused so much rot on the plants, and I did not know how to prevent it better when it first appears, and so all the blossoms of which there were hundreds rotted off instead. :( My cabbage which should have done well, because of the type of wheather we had is about 4 inches in diameter. I actually got some cucumbers to grow which is much better than the zero from last year, but they were only an inch long and were not going to get any bigger. My beans actually had lots of blossoms, but never really any beans. The things that did well were my basil of which I was able to get two cuttings off of, the carrots, the peas, and my lettuce which I was able to use all summer long with several cuttings! I also was able to get a few zucchini and strawberries, some nice onions that I grew from seed, and a little green pepper about an inch long! I really hope that our summers begin to get warmer and not so much of the rain and clouds that we had all summer this year, otherwise it is useless to put so much work into all the tomatoes and other plants that hardly produce anything.

The really sad thing is that I finally mowed after two months of it raining almost every day. We were able to get a week of 50 degree sunny weather that almost dried out my grass that was well over a foot long by the time I mowed it. I am going to mow it really short here in a day or two and that should be the last time I have to do that for the year!

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