Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting into the swing of things

I have been working with a trainer now for two weeks and I must say that it has been really hard to begin juggling all the new aspects that this brings into my already crazy world. I want to do it.....I need to do it, but I am not doing it well. I feel very overwhelmed by all the homework and the food logs with the calories, fat, carbs and protein broken down and the classes themselves along with the duties that I have need to fulfill for my family at home. How do you mothers who home school and exercise etc. do it all?!!! I do know that in the next few months Mason will not be as dependent upon me as he is right now. A lot of this has to do with something I have never been very good at and that is organization and time management along with procrastination. If I was better at those things I would definitely be a lot better off. With God's help and the will to get healthier I am convinced that I can do this though. Please pray for me.


Robyn said...

Good luck to you in all your hard work. I know it will get easier for you as time goes on.

Cranberry Hill said...

Steph, I never think of you as someone who procrastinates. The very fact that you have committed yourself to the exercise program is amazing to me!


verity99 said...

Steph, never fear--we all have those problems. Just keep at it, as you'll really start to feel the difference and get more energy as you go! Congrats to you for doing this, and let us know how it's going.