Thursday, February 05, 2009

Chad's new baby!!!

For Christmas Chad got the present of his dreams!!! He has been wanting a new bow for over half of our marriage and this year I was able to give him the money to buy it. So now thanks to ebay my husband has an obsession. He actually bought amost everything for his bow and his bow off of ebay because they were such a great price (of course)! Now he is excited to get to the shooting range in town at the bow shop to begin practicing on it and strengthening those muscles that you use....they have gotten a little weak over the years :). So here are a few pictures of Chad in his garage fine tuning all the little gadgets that make a bow be the best device that it can be!
....and for all you bow guys out there who want to know what kind of bow it is a Mathews Drenalin LD 30in draw. :) He is very excited to go up north to hunt caribou now too.

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