Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If only time were on my side!

I have decided that time is against me. I have been wanting to get over to the beach to take pictures of Mt. Redoubt on a day like this! However when I have time the days are cloudy or the haze covers the mountains. So I have to take pictures from just outside of camps' drive way instead, because it is 8:30pm and the kids are with us and I have to go home to get my camera first and if we drove all the way to the beach that would be another 30 minutes there.....I think that you get my point. The sky was so beautiful and I am happy for the pictures but to have an unobstructed view would be my preference! :) As for Mt. Redoubt it has stopped spewing large amounts of ash into the air 50-60 thousand feet into the air and has gone to a more continuous flow of steam and ash at about 15-20 thousand feet into the air. Right now it is not affecting the air quality and the air traffic is flowing at its normal pace again...for now! We all get to see a beautiful act of God's creation from a distance and every now and then get to photograph it too! :) Now if we could only get some spring weather it would be a happy day!

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Steve n Vickie said...

beautiful sunset pictures.