Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Prayer Request

For the last 10 days our house has been without hot water and propane due to a gas leak. The maintence men spent 3 full days looking in several different areas trying to figure out where the pipe was leaking. 6 holes have been cut into the wall so far and there is no end in sight. There are several problems with how the line was put in and they have discovered 5 leaks already without fixing the problem. To add to the situation we are in the middle of our busiest week at camp along with the work team from IN that the maintenance guys need to keep busy. Please pray that they can solve the mystery of our gas leak in a quick manner and that we do not have to tear out all the drywall in the garage to do it! Meanwhile if it would stop raining I could still do laundry and we can eat camp food and take showers over there so we are still going strong!!

On a more serious note, this is our hockey camp week where we have many rough hockey players here that are being exposed to the word of God maybe for the first time. Please pray that their hearts might be opened and softened to what they hear in chapels and in cabin time devotions.

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