Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Three Musketeers!

The three 2 year olds all follow each other around the yard, and as a 2 year old into mischief around every corner!! (although not so much Tomi as Heidi and Danny :)) Today like them, many of the kids were picking dandilions. These three were just throwing them at each other and down the hill instead of giving them away!

Look it's a plane!!!

This is a boquette that Alison and Madison picked for me. They are a very cheery weed....even though it really is just that, a weed!! Oh how the kids love them, and all of them pick them for their mommies to put into vases on the table for us to enjoy. Oh what joy we can find in simple things and luckily for us they are given with love overflowing from our beautiful children, because they know how much we (Crystal and I) love flowers :).

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