Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Camping in Homer

Last night as soon as Chad was done working we headed down to Homer to camp out on the beach. It has been awesome weather and we enjoyed watching the tide come in, walking on the beach, and picking up every shell that we came across! I forgot my camera at home, which I am extremely miserable over, so there are no pictures for you all to see. We are hoping to do it again so hopefully we will get pictures next time. We had a tough night with Mason who was a little sick and not really enjoying the camping experience like the rest of us were. So Chad and I took turns bouncing and driving him to keep him asleep! I think next time we will bring a port a crib with us so he is confined and feels more at home. I enjoyed sitting outside watching the tide come a few feet from our tent and seeing the orange moon overhead. The sound of waves has always been one of my favorite things to listen to, so it was nice being able to fall asleep to it! This morning we were all up bright and early and took another walk before having a little coffee break and breakfast. We packed up our stuff and headed home. Now Chad is trying to catch up on some lost sleep and then who knows what adventure we will do next!

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