Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is what my garden looks like in August

Zuccini Beans

Tomatoes Pumpkin

Corn Cilantro


Basil Peas

This is my wonderful looks pretty but I probably will not get a ton out of it. The pumpkin is just the size of a golf ball now, and my tomatoes are just begining to get fruit on them. I had 5 tomato plants that I got from the greenhouse earlier on in the season and they have given me about 40 tomatoes but not all at not really any canning possibilities there! My beans are finally starting to grow beans on them....but with greenhouse gardening without the proper air circulation I have lots of rot and my spraying it is not keeping up with it sooo I might have limited beans and tomatoes because of that as well. My cilantro and basil were great and I made a lot of pesto out of them.

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