Sunday, June 13, 2010

5K and Triathlon

This week has been a busy one for Emma and Madison.  On Wednesday evening they headed off to Wagon Train for camp, and then early Saturday morning I grabbed them and we headed to town to run in a 5K race (3.1 miles).  They both did really well and finished strong for being so tired from being at camp!!  Then that evening we road our bikes over the course for their triathlon the next morning.  It was nice to show them what to expect, but agian by the end they were tired and at this point I wondered if it would be good for them to do another race!  However, after an early bedtime, and up early the next morning they had seemed recovered and we headed to the tri.  They both did and excellent job, and now we know that transitions are a work in progress!! :)  I think after this experience they are willing to do more races and I am so so proud of them for doing it!

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