Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bear Mountain Trail Adventure #2

So this week Crystal and I took our 11 children up Bear Mountain, which was a little less than 2 miles roundtrip, but gained 400ft in elevation.  We both are really enjoying the time that we get to do this with our kids and glad that they can go hiking so well now.  We did have a few screaming moments.....most of the way up the trail :) (which we knew going into it) but on the way back down they were all so happy and had smiles on their faces!  The kids loved the view, and Madison told me as soon as she saw it "Momma, I am going to build my house right here so I can enjoy this view every day!"   I found it quite enjoyable that these young ones could appreciate the beauty that we are surrounded by and be so excited about it.  Even though we had some hard moments with our little ones, that time spent with the kids far outweighed that part of the trip.  I am looking forward to what is ahead for the summer! Stay tuned for the next adventure!!!!
Here is our group, except that Zechari only got his elbow in!  For some reason red was the color of the day!!!
Starting up the hill all in a row :)
Mason on one of the few times he was off my shoulders!

Heidi is sad and mad here because she got her bag of food taken by one of the other kids.  Poor little thing! She has gotten the pathetic look down :)

Looking at Skilak Lake from the top of Bear Mountain

More Skilak Lake
On our way back down stopping to look at the little swamp and flowers!

Mason and Tomi, my two little hiking buddies :)

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Anonymous said...

Madison has excellent taste. She could buy our house and have a nice view.