Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The ALCAN day3

So on I drove through Edmonton and about 60 miles before Calgary I again switched with Leesha so I could sleep and Shelisa was feeling a little better and was willing to take care of the kids needs.  The smoke from the BC fires was thick around us and the sun as it was coming up was really red, which you will see in our pictures.  Leesha drove until 30 miles from the border, and I drove us through.  When we got to the border crossing at 3pm....The guy asked me for my paper from Chad stating that he would allow the kids to travel through Canada.  I explained to him that we did not, but we got through the other border crossing because they had talked to Chad personally and he said it was ok.  Then he asked me about food, firearms, etc.  I told him that we had apples, celery, and carrots in our cooler, and that I had frozen meet in the back.  He wanted to know what kind....I have moose, Salmon, and Halibut.  How is the fish packaged....vacuum sealed....does any of the fish still have skin on it....um yes the salmon does.  He told me ok, you will have to pull over to the side so we can check it out.  Ok???  So I pull over and I go in the building with 10 other people in front of me and I wait my turn.  When I get to the front the lady asks me if I have any paperwork documenting that I got this meat from Alaska.....Me: ummm, no.  She says: do you a hunting and fishing license....Me:  Uhh, no....my husband is the one that does all that!  She says:  well you know you need to have documentation so we know you didn't just go and get this meat from somewhere in Canada.  Me:  Well, I am sorry but I didn't know....I didn't even think about it.  She says:  does any of the meat have a name on it stating it is from Alaska.  Me: Yes!!!  Some of the Halibut does from the processing store!  She says: ok lets go look at it.   That piece of halibut saved all our meat from being confiscated!  Thankful for that logo!  All of that only took 30 minutes and then we were off to Great Falls, where we had dinner with my Aunt and Uncle...Shelisa's parents, and then we drove around looking at some gardens and the kids played at a playground before Leesha and the kids and I drove down to Bozeman.  We left at 8:30pm and got to Bozeman by 11:30ish.  We were exhausted but we made it, and I would travel like that again just because the kids did so well with it!
It should have been light and sunny but this is the smoke that made it just like clouds...
30 miles from the border and all the smoke is gone!  look at the endless plains.
Just leaving Great Falls, a beautiful sunset.
This is also just outside Great Falls
this is Mason drinking my newly discover Mocha Coconut Frappuccino from Starbucks....they did not have this in Alaska!!!   Oh it was yummy and Mason did not want to give it back!

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