Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Drive to LA and Joshua Tree National Park

All I can say about today is that we drove and drove and drove, and as we drove south the hotter it got!  when it reached 74 degrees Chad said that if it reached 75 he was turning the car around and we were heading back to Alaska......but at 98 he was still going :)  We saw my cousin and had dinner with him in Irvine, CA before we headed for Joshua Tree National Park.  We decided that it was too late to camp out, so we looked for a Hotel in the towns just before Joshua.....and there was not any vacancy in any of them, except for one that was 160 before tax.  I turned that one down, drug everyone to the JNP and set the tent up in the first camping spot we could find.  It was close to 11pm when we were finished and I took the kids to the bathroom.  I decided to drive there because it was a little ways back, and as I am backing up I discovered that all the bags had been emptied out of the back of the suburban and left there....Chad's bag got the brunt of the tire, and it had the CPAP machine in it, which we are now looking for a replacement machine because a suburban is not so good for those kinds of things!  So my not wanting to spend 160 for a room kinda backfired in my face.  All that being said the fact that this is one of the best spots to view stars is absolutely true!  Being that I live in Alaska and can see the stars without the light around, I thought it would not be much different there, but oh is it ever!  I wish that I had remembered what to do to get a picture of the night sky, but as it was very late, the thought did not come to me until the morning. :(  All I can say is the night sky was so beautiful and awesome and just another way to see God's handiwork!  I have always loved looking at stars and this was the creme de la creme of star viewing for me!

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