Monday, November 01, 2010

Hwy 101 the Oregon Coast

Let me just say, that the last few days I have not had enough time or internet service to get caught up on all the days filled with pictures .  Right now I am a week behind, but you can expect to be caught up in the next week, because we will be staying in one spot for a little longer next week.  Anyway we had a most exciting drive down the OR coast on hwy 101.  The day was supposed to be filled with rain, and it was to a point.  It seemed that every time I got out to take a picture, it was partly sunny and not raining, however, when Chad got out of the car, it started to downpour!  We told him to stay in the car! LOL  It has been very hard to pick only a few pictures to put on here, but these are some of my favorites.
The beach at Lincoln City

The kids had fun going through the tunnel

We had so much fun at the sand dunes, and the kids and I ran up and down them, and played in the ocean a little bit!

The sunset was beautiful as we were leaving the town or Bandon, and headed for Gold Beach. 


The Dancing Pen said...

Oooh! I wana go! Stephanie your pictures are amazing!

Anonymous said...

You've captured a beautiful and one of my favorite parts of Oregon! Wonderful pictures, so glad you are posting so much:)