Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mark Twain National Forest in MO, Nov. 22

Well from Norfolk Lake, AR we drove back into MO to see some of the Mark Twain National Forest.....we did not see much and it was not spectacular.  For the record, the night we stayed back in AR, we were supposed to stay in MO.  I typed a town in the website, and it came up with all these places.  I booked one, and then looked at the address for our navigator, and it brought up Arkansas!!!  I was a little mad, but it turned out great.  Just a lot of weaving on the border! :)  Anyway, there was not much to be seen in this little part of Mossouri, and so we headed on to Blytheville, AR where Chad's cousin lives. 

Love the old rockwork and vines growing on this house

daddy spoiled them and got the kids slushies....what a mess!

It is hard to make out but that is Entering Arkansas :) 

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