Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Woolaroc, OK

Woolaroc is a wildlife refuge with a huge Indian artifacts museum that was built by Frank Philips, the man who was creator of Philips oil company.  He built the lodge and resort on 3700 acres for potential to come and be wined and dined.  He added the wildlife refuge to entice people to come to Woolaroc. 
On Thursday the 18th, our family and Christy and her son, all headed there for a day of viewing and running around!  It was so much fun driving through the park seeing all the animals right next to our car and even better for me because I was able to get some amazing photos of them!!!  The kids even enjoyed looking through the museum at all the artifacts, and animal mounts that they had there.  The really cool thing was all the animal hides that you can touch.  Mason loved running his fingers through them!  After the museum we went over to the wild west playground and the kids were able to exert some pent up energy for about an hour!

The Lodge

amazing barbed wire collection!

Chad chasing the kids

Mason and Malachai playing with each other....or fighting, not sure which :)

Tulsa OK

The last sunset for us in Rose, OK and a wonderful end to a fantastic day!