Thursday, June 02, 2011

Date to Anchorage

May 21st Chad and I went to Anchorage on a date!  We were supposed to pick up some people from the airport, and so because we did not have room for them and all of our kids, we found babysitters to watch them all day!  However, the flight was cancelled and they could not get another flight to AK until the next day, so we went to Anchorage anyway since we already had the babysitters lined up....and there were things there that some of our friends needed picked up.   We had a beautiful day for driving and we both had a  wonderful time talking and spending time together cannot tell from the pictures that we did much, with my zoom lense I can't get any good pictures of the two of us, and my regular lense is still at the repair shop, so you are stuck with scenery :)!!! 

On our way home we saw some parasailors, glad I had my zoom lens on!!

Was able to get a guy mid jump!  They looked like they were having a good time.

The clouds over turnagain arm were amazing!

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