Friday, June 10, 2011

The End of May

So this is some of the activities that we did the week leading up to Memorial weekend.  We had amazing weather and had lots of fun being outside!  For Memorial weekend we had about 200 people come to camp to help get it cleaned up and ready for the summer.  We do that on Saturday and then spend the rest of the weekend doing stuff with our families.  Emma, Madison, and Heidi got to ride horses, and they all went swimming in the lake, and I even went in that night for my first lake swim of the year.  I must say it was a bit cold, and I am guessing that the water was about 50 degrees then (because it is about 57 now 2 weeks later)!  We also moved the girls to a different bedroom and painted it, played with wildlife,  posed for photos, and got into peanut butter! One full week of many I am sure. :) 

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