Monday, August 08, 2011

A Hike in the Pass Adventure #6

After several days of clouds and rain, Friday surprised us with all of its sun, and so we grabbed the kids and a van and headed out for another hike!  We drove a little further this time all the way to the pass, so it was a 75 minute drive instead of 30, but the views were worth it.  We actually took a trail that the Wilderness camp had taken the week before.  The trail doesn't have a name,,,,or at least not one that I saw, so we will call it trail A :)  We ate our lunch in the parking lot and then headed up the moutain.  The grass was tall, so tall that even Katie and Emma had a hard time peeking over to see the view!  Mason was really over the stuff hitting him in the face and all the mud that was on the trail from the rain.  This mud caused much difficulty getting up and down the trail, and none of us escaped getting mud all over! Crystal, Catherine and I all thought the hike was so beautiful and would really like to hike it again (without kids) so we can make it up into the soft tundra and out of the weeds and bushes.

This little fungus that grows is cool to me because it is growing straight up or out!

These are the leaves that belong to the watermelon berry plant. 
Examining his watermelon berry :)  He liked to hold them in his hands, and not really eat them.

You can barely see Emma and Katie, but they are in the tall fireweed!

My feet....and they got a lot more muddy :)


The Zoll Six said...

Its so nice to see you end up in your blog pictures :) I often wonder if when my kids are all grown and gone looking back and blogs/photo albums if they will remember I was actually there lol! I am still working on letting anyone touch my camera. Its a process.

the snyders said...

I took both of those photos of myself....because I don't trust the kids with my camera. Emma every now and then will hold it, and snap a few...but it is a general rule that they don't get to touch!!!! They are too expensive to let them :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! Especially the one of your feet:) So very thankful you guys are getting to hike so much this year! ~Jen