Sunday, October 02, 2011

The month of September

So I just realized that I have not posted anything for over 10 days!  We have been so very busy.  After two very large work teams that were 2 weeks apart, which I will share more about in a later post, and took up over 30 days of work time for Chad and James, there was another blessing for camp in the package of an indoor riding arena, that just happened to be all the way in Fairbanks.  So 4 people + Chad went to Fairbanks for 7 days and took it down bundled it all up and got it ready to be loaded onto a semi so it can be delivered to camp a little later this fall.  The kids have been doing school, even though we were off to a slow start it is starting to pick up now and we are getting in the swing of things.  Emma and Madison also are involved with their swim team 2 times a week, riding lessons 2 times a week, and Awana's on Wednesday.  On top of all that we have managed to slip in a 5k race for me, a bike ride up by Hope, and a berry picking hiking adventure in the rain.  The fall colors have been amazing, but yesterday only 65 miles from us up in the pass they got snow, so we know it is coming.....most of us are not quite ready!!!!  Chad, who has so much to do to get camp ready for the winter, managed to put his hip out of place by 1/2 an inch and so he has been laid up in bed for the last 4 days recovering from the pain of having to put it back in etc.  He is very ready for James to be home to help lighten the load and maybe get caught up! 

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