Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sickness and Other Tidbits of Life

There comes a time in your life where you are just ready to give up and let the house run itself (into the ground), and I have reached that point (although Emma and Madison do try to help with the cleaning).  Nothing much has been getting done around here since I have been sick for the last 8 weeks with a horrible cough that has kept me up most nights.  I finally went to the doctor on Monday to see if they could do something for the cough, and they gave me an inhaler and another med, but so far it has not seemed to keep me from coughing.  So because of all this coughing, I am not sleeping, and becasue I am not sleeping I am exhausted.  It is all I can do to keep the house in some kind of order (still mostly messy) and get the kids to and from their repective activities.  While all this was happening, Chad has been to Fairbanks twice making up for 11 of those days, and very very busy trying to get projects finished up before the snow falls here. Chad is also helping a guy fix up a building that will serve as his Jujitsu studio rewiring and making two changing rooms along with a few other things.  Chad is really excited about his friend Isaac (studio owner) opening this up for kids and all ages.  One of his friends (George) who has been training with Isaac, took first place in one of the top competitions for Jujitsu down in CA.  Anyway when the studio opens in Nov. we will be signing up the three girls, and possibly Mason if he is old enough. 
Heidi and Emma this week have been very sick with strep throat and rashes and vomiting (aka Scarlet Fever), and Mason has my cough, so we have been taking naps most days.  With the pennicillan they are getting much better thankfully, and hopefully by next week they will be back to normal!  Somehow Madison has managed to skate through unscathed.....we are keeping our fingers crossed.
Unfortunately for Emma this has ment postponing her birthday party until next weekend because most of her friends have "it" to.
A more exciting tidbit of news is that I am going to have my photography hanging in our local coffee shop for the month of July, which could be anywhere between 20-40 photos depending on how big or small I make them.  The hard part is choosing which ones, and then sizes, and last but not least the frames for them all.  I am hoping to drag Chad into my little project and have him make me a lot of the frames so it will not cost as much. 
In my next post, we finally have the pictures that were taken of all the projects that the two work teams did when the were here in Aug. and Sept. so I will be able to show you all that was accomplished. God is good all the time, and we are so blessed by the people who come to work at camp, support camp, pray for camp and for us, and  those who support us.  Without people like you none of this would be here and we thank you for all that you do.

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Drew & Jen said...

I hope your photography is still hanging when we come to visit! I would love to see it while having a cup of coffee with you:)
Hope you're all feeling better by now!