Monday, July 30, 2007

The End of Camp is Near

Next week is our last week of camp. We are surprised at how quickly the summer has disappeared. We said goodbye to our last work team on Sunday. There were 24 people from Altoona, PA. Chad has been in charge of taking care of the groups this summer so he has been busy keeping them busy! Each of the groups came over and I cooked Pizza for them and Chad did the salmon/halibut cooking. We had such a good time visiting with each of them (the 3 different groups we had over) and truly appreciate all of the hard work they put in to help camp out with its' projects.
Emma and Madison have been playing hard outside and have developed a beautiful tan! They love playing with their friends Katie, Jordan, Zechari, Audren, and Trent. Their favorite thing to play is some form of princess and Zechari and Trent get to be the lucky boys whom the princesses marry! Thankfully they know they are just pretending!!!
My littlest is trying her hardest to be crawling at 4 months of age. She has gotten up on all 4's today and pushed herself forward, so we will see what happens. She is sleeping wonderfully though. She sleeps about 10-12 hours at night with one feeding at about hour 7 and then she takes 2, 3 hour naps each day. She has been a pretty easy baby, which makes life easier.
My garden is doing ok, I had a huge bug infestation on my tomato plants and I was able to kill them all, but I don't know if my tomato plants will produce much this year because of that. I have been getting lots of lettuce and radishes. My carrots are very sweet and the beets are looking healthy. I also had Holli help me landscape my front yard and it looks absolutely gorgeous now.

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