Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thanksgiving is almost in 1 week!!

I can't believe how the fall has flown by and the winter has crept in on us. We had our first snow last Thursday that has stuck around for more than a day. Our hay tunnels are complete and Emma's birthday has passed us by as well. In our hay tunnel we had over 1400 kids go through which set an all time record for us. They had an amazing time and the staff that worked them enjoyed talking with all the different groups that went through. Emma had a great birthday...we made caramel apples, hit the pinyata, and went through the hay tunnel. She keeps telling everyone now that she is still 5 as if she could lose it or something. It is so cute. Emma is doing school this year and having fun with it. She does well and can sit for about two hours at a time to work on it with me. Madison is trying to work on school as well so I have given her books on shapes and letters for her to do, which makes her feel like a big girl! Heidi is crawling and standing up everywhere. She is constantly moving and does not like it when her mommy leaves her sight at any time. Somewhat frustrating, but can be really cute as well. She can be quite aggressive if you do not feed her food when she wants it, and right now she wants to eat all the time because of a growth spurt!!
Chad and I are working out most mornings and keeping each other in check when it comes to food. We have added more salads and vegetables to our diet and now we are trying to work on healthy snacks and portion control. Please pray for me especially because this year has been a depressing one for me since I gained about 30lbs since Heidi was born , and now to motivate myself to get out there and just start working hard on this has been a slow process. I know what I have needed to do in my head for a long time but to actually put it into practice is proving to be so much harder for me.
In Faith of Christ,
Stephanie for all

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