Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Day of Quiet!

Yesterday, some friends of ours were down with their nephews and wanted to take them through the hay tunnel. They invited Emma and Madison to go with them, which of course I didn't have to ask them twice to get ready!!! After about an hour of going through the maze their time was interrupted by another scheduled group so they decided that they would come back a little later. They stopped by the house and asked if the girls could spend the afternoon with them and then at 3 they would go back and go through the hay tunnel again. I said that was fine and so from 11:30-5pm I only had one child to take care of, and she took a nap for half of that time, and with Chad working most of the day it made for a very quiet afternoon!!! I was able to clean the house some and then sat down and relaxed some. I didn't quite know what to do with myself :). In any event the girls had a great time getting to know new friends and spending more that 3 hours in the hay maze. Heidi and I enjoyed our one on one time together as well. She is my little snuggler and she spent a great deal of time in my arms just hanging out!
Today the girls awana's from our church is coming out to do the hay maze at 2, so we will go back over for a few more hours of fun! This time I hope to get some pictures so I will post them later.

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The Dancing Pen said...

It sounds like the girls have gone though the hay tunnel all week! Lucky them :) And lucky you for getting time to yourself! (with the exception of Heidi)