Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My internet was experiencing complications for a couple of days and so everything was extremely slow in loading and a lot of the time I would get booted off so I have not been able to write anything for a while! Not much has happened of course, just the usual monday night football and homeschool with the girls. Emma has been such a big help lately, more so than usual, and it scares me to think how fast my little six year old is growing up. I did go sledding with them in our back yard on Sunday, just once, because I thought it would be fun, which it was until my little helper Madison, pushed me so I was going fast enough to go over our embankment at the end of the yard. That would not be so bad except for the wild rose bushes that stand tall waiting for you to come sliding into them and poking you all over with their thorns. Not only did I sled into them, but Madison had pushed me so I was going backwards and really could not stop myself before I hit them!!! Emma and Madison thought that it was quite funny and laughed and laughed. :) I would have done it again, but I think going over the edge and getting the thorns stuck all over me was enough to make me not want to try until we can build up the snow so we don't have such a horrible demise awaiting us!

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