Monday, November 03, 2008


Heidi loves to help the Emma and Madison carry in wood to get a fire going. This time, however, Heidi took it upon herself to carry wood in by herself. She made a lot of trips before we finally told her she needed to stop. Otherwise I think she would have kept on going! One time as she was putting the wood down she scraped her hand and so she went around the room holding her hand out to be kissed so it would feel better. She is by far my picker upper in the family...don't get me wrong Emma does a really good job and sometimes does it without being asked, but Heidi seems to be naturally inclined to make sure things are in perfect order before she goes on her way. Madison we are still working with to be happy while we work and to take pride in all that we do whether we like it or not! Heidi is also the best mess maker in the family so I guess she is just making up for that :) !! I love how God created us and how our personalities shine through at such an early age in life. I enjoy discovering what they are going to be like as I watch them grow. How intricate our DNA is to have both of our parents personalities blended into us and yet we carry on our own uniqueness as well. Life is truely an amazing gift that God has given us, both in ourselves and the ability to create new as well. That is why the gift of children is so special to me.

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