Friday, November 07, 2008

Decorating my kitchen

I have been adding a few new touches to my kitchen lately, the newest being our new stove, but I also ordered a shelf from IKEA that doubles as a curtain rod that I just attached dish towels to. I saw this idea in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine and thought it was the perfect solution to the winter sun that hit your eyes perfectly as you are trying to cook and wash dishes during the day. This whole decorating thing is really helping me be pickier about what I keep and what I throw away so my stuff does not get so cluttered anymore!!! I absolutely love my new stove and it will definitely take me many months to figure out all that it can do!!! I think Chad has enjoyed cooking on it as well, but he will never admit to that! :)


The Zoll Six said...

Wow, your stove is so cool! I have "stove envy". Yep I am coveting my neighbors property. He he he. My stove is this tiny little built in. I cant even fit in standard cookie sheets. Which allows me to cook exactly 16 cookies at a time. Yeah. It looks great, I love the red too!

Anonymous said...

How do you get your pictures the right size to line up like that?


PS The stove looks great.