Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So I am slowing down a bit in the whole posting thing just because I have been a little more worried about cleaning the house and homeschooling than sitting on the computer. I am still very much pregnant and feeling as well as can be expected at this point in time!! Today is always our busy day with Jazz class at 4:15 and Awana's at 6:05. I enjoy getting out though because I know that the walking has got to be doing something for me!!! Tomorrow my mom arrives in the evening so we are getting prepared for that. Hopefully I will be able to get the whole house clean. I am also planning on making a strawberry pie tomorrow for Chad...because I promised that I would make him one soon in the new oven, and since I don't make pies that often. (I am not really a pie eater....chocolate is soo my thing! :) ).

Last night I took Emma out for some one on one time and to let her spend a little of the money that she recieved for her birthday. I let her pick out the restraunt and she chose the new pizza place that only she and I like anyway. Then after dinner we went to Fred Meyer and she picked out a new toy, and since it was on sale she was able to pick a few out so she came home with a few more polly pocket items for her collection. I was surprised because she had only been talking about barbies and how much she had wanted a new one but once the gagillion choses were put before her she found that one barbie to three polly pocket items was not the choice for her!!! :) We had a great time just walking through the store and talking with each other. She even wanted to hold my had which I will cherish. Madison will get to go on a date as well, and I think she chose daddy to take her on that one.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't (is that a word?) dates with the kids the best!
You are a great pregnant mom, you don't complain (Chad might differ with me on this one)and you are taking great care of your kids and yourself.
Enjoy this time with your baby, you will never be this close again, and he will never be less maintenance-ever.